Benzinga, the largest financial news vendor to North American brokerages, announced today that it will partner with TradeSmith, an online platform that provides its users state-of-the-art research, analytics, and trends on the financial markets.

TradeSmith’s products help investors manage risk, position size, portfolio volatility and more.  They also track market health and identify stocks poised for breakout moves. Through an agreement with Benzinga, the company will receive critical market data in the form of earnings data, ratings data, and a top-line newsfeed

“Benzinga and TradeSmith are both dedicated to providing traders and investors the information they need in a way that is easy to consume,” said Benzinga’s Luke Jacobi. “Our team is excited to integrate our data and news with their current outstanding research in order to keep chasing these goals.”

Read more about Benzinga’s news and data APIs at and sign up for TradeSmith services at


About TradeSmith:

TradeSmith provides hedge fund-level insights designed for the individual investor. Take control of your financial future with TradeSmith.  Forget about all the studies that say individual investors can’t outperform the markets. That may be true for those who don’t have the tools and knowledge required, but it doesn’t have to be true of you. Not by any means.

Because TradeSmith’s entire mission is to provide you with those tools – and the knowledge you need, to invest with all the confidence of Warren Buffett at the height of his Dow-killing days.

About Benzinga:

Benzinga is an innovative financial news outlet that has become the first choice for brokerages given its easy-to-integrate API suite and easy-to-consume content. Benzinga provides timely, actionable news that helps users navigate a wide breadth of equities in even the most uncertain and volatile markets, in real time.

SOURCE Benzinga