ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Mastermind Lounge®, a global real-time live, online mentoring site based in Rochester, NY, has announced it has formed a strategic alliance with the iconic Modern Drummer Magazine, Drum Channel and Topeka.Live to share educational content and master classes for the world’s drum community. Mastermind Lounge currently provides live online lessons for all forms of music and musicians. Under the new alliance, Mastermind Lounge will utilize its proprietary online network technology with the other companies, all of whom provide educational content, lessons, masterclasses and direct artist connections for drum enthusiasts. Famed Eastman School of Music Professor Emiratis John Beck has been appointed as Mastermind Lounge’s Executive Director of Music.

“Mastermind Lounge is a full service interactive mentoring and educational website, but we have decided to focus on music education initially before we roll out our efforts in sports, business, health, and a myriad of other areas,” said Founder and CEO Robert Brenna Jr. Esq. A successful attorney, and owner of the law firm Brenna Boyce pllc., Brenna has been a drummer, himself, for decades. “We are honored and thrilled that professional operations such as Modern Drummer Magazine, Drum Channel, and Topeka.Live will be sharing their educational content with These are the leading outlets for serious drum and percussion musicians,” adds Brenna. A launch date and specifics behind the alliance will be announced in the immediate future.

“Modern Drummer and our partners Topeka.Live and Drum Channel are excited to offer every drummer and drum enthusiast this great opportunity to virtually collaborate, learn and be inspired by some of the world’s best drummers and percussionists,” says Modern Drummer CEO & Publisher, David Frangioni. provides a  live network and internet connection platform that places students, fans, and those willing to explore new horizons with potential mentors or celebrities that they have admired. Teaching and masterclasses will be done in both individual and group settings. Mastermind Lounge is a global video platform, integrated with an automated scheduling and payment system. “Our goal is to give access to people who want to learn from the best, and to provide the best teachers a wide database of students they would not otherwise have access to,” says Brenna.

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