TradeZero America, a Brooklyn, New York-based online broker dealer that provides commission-free stock and options trading, announced that the company had achieved significant milestones in the first six months of 2020.

“Our trading volume has skyrocketed in the months of the pandemic and we’ve seen substantial growth in new users, new accounts and value of accounts. Our platform has continued to perform seamlessly with the explosive increase in volume, providing an exceptional trading experience for all of our investors,” said Dan Pipitone, TradeZero America co-founder.

Pipitone said that since January:

  • TradeZero America trading volume increased 300%
  • Short selling on the platform rose 200%
  • New accounts increased 400%
  • Value of trading volume increased by over 300%

He said TradeZero America plans to roll out enhanced functionality for options trading later this summer, providing clients with direct routing to TradeZero America traders on the floor of the NYSE American Options exchange. Earlier this year, TradeZero America announced direct market access routing that allows traders to select the individual exchange or market center where orders are routed for execution, a service that is commission free for investors who maintain a minimum account balance of $30,000.

TradeZero America also offers robust capability for short selling, providing access to hard-to-borrow stocks for shorting with a stock locate feature built into all of its platforms. The locator allows investors to sell their shares to other traders on the platform, a feature that is patent-pending to TradeZero. Since launching this functionality in July 2019, TradeZero clients have collectively recycled millions of shares for symbols that were out of supply with other vendors, resulting in facilitating tens of thousands more short trades, Pipitone said.

“Market conditions are bi-directional, with COVID-19 creating both winners and losers, and we expect the market to remain choppy through the end of the year. During this volatile period, the level of interest on the short side has been huge. More millennials are shorting stocks for the first time, for example. TradeZero clients appreciate the ability to have control over as many aspects of their trading as possible and our shorts capability gives them one more,” he said.

“We continue to innovate so that the TradeZero America platform empowers all investors, regardless of experience. Our goal is to offer tools that improve access and clarity to markets, creating a velvet rope experience,” Pipitone said.

Launched in 2019, TradeZero America provides commission-free trading, with direct access to U.S. stock and options market centers and professional-level tools for retail investors. TradeZero America offers a suite of easy-to-use desktop, Web-based and mobile platforms for all types of traders, so investors can choose the level that’s right for them.

TradeZero America provides the individual investor with professional-grade tools, such as Market Depth stock data and hotkeys, typically used by professional traders and hedge funds. TradeZero America has extended trading hours, from 4 am ET to 8 pm ET, so investors can trade pre-market or after market close. Customer support is available 24/7 via website live chat, with live trading support during trading hours.

About TradeZero America

TradeZero America, Inc. is a New York-based online broker dealer that offers retail investors commission free stock trading and direct market center access to US stocks and options. TradeZero’s advanced suite of desktop, web-based and mobile software platforms accommodate all types of retail investors. ZeroPro delivers speed and functionality for active investors, ZeroWeb has dynamic features for both active and beginning investors, and Zero Free is the company’s free real-time browser-based trading system. Investors on the go can access their accounts and trade via the TradeZero America mobile app. TradeZero America’s innovative features include capabilities for stock shorting and unparalleled 24/7 customer support. TradeZero America is a member of FINRA ( and SIPC (

Trading securities in general and particularly short selling securities may result in losses beyond your initial investment.

SOURCE TradeZero America

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