This winning litigation demonstrates Smoore’s determination to protect its intellectual property rights in the jurisdiction of the United States. It is meaningful for protecting the development of the whole industry toward a healthy direction and providing safe and reliable vaping products for individual customers.

Smoore has undertaken the lawsuits as part of an overall Anti-counterfeiting program in the United States and elsewhere, that includes cooperation with Customs to seize counterfeit products and local police to arrest owners of and shut down counterfeit operations. In the United States, Smoore is represented by the law firm Epstein Drangel who has a long and solid history in implementing and overseeing such anti-counterfeiting programs. The damages may not be completely enforced, but Smoore is planning to enforce the default judgment in order to collect compensation.

About Smoore International Holdings Limited and VAPORESSO

The Company is a global leader in offering vaping technology solutions, including manufacturing vaping devices and vaping components an ODM basis, with advanced R&D technology, strong manufacturing capacity, wide-spectrum product portfolio and diverse customer base. According to Frost & Sullivan, the Company is the world’s largest vaping device manufacturer in terms of revenue, accounting for 16.5% of the total market share, in 2019. Through its innovative and pioneering vaping technology solutions, the Company operate two principal business segments: research, design and manufacturing of closed system vaping devices and vaping components for a number of global leading tobacco companies and independent vaping companies, and research, design, manufacturing and sale of self-branded open system vaping devices, or advanced personal vaporizers (APV), for retail clients.

VAPORESSO as a self-brand owned by SMOORE, is carrying the mission of Beyond the Ordinary. With consistent innovating and quality producing, VAPORESSO is dedicated to satisfying its customers through various vape devices with high-quality vaping experience.