Writes Maulsby “We are touching more lives than ever before, and we are thankful for our team who is working passionately and tirelessly. Alternatively, our revenue has taken a nosedive. As you know, we’ve built this work by the financial support of individuals donating directly and companies doing fundraisers of various types on our behalf. Those fundraisers are nearly 100% shut down. For the sake of brevity, I’ll cut to the chase and state that I need your help.”

After sharing this email with his team, Sumner’s response to Maulsby was “Texas Grand Ranch wants to help”. With the assistance of Michael Berry, they are asking for donations and spreading the word.

Texas Grand Ranch created a fundraising page and has committed to matching your donations, up to $50,000, with a combined goal of raising $100,000. They are asking for your help to fulfill this promise. To donate, go to https://txgrandranch.com/camp-hope/.

“Let’s always remember, Freedom is Not Free! Camp Hope needs our support more than ever.” Pleaded Sumner.

For more information, visit https://www.txgrandranch.com/ or call (888) 473-5175.

Contact Information:
Patten Companies

Visit: TexasGrandRanch.com

Phone: (888) 473-5175

Email: [email protected]

SOURCE Texas Grand Ranch

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