LONDON, Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — One Young World, the global forum for young leaders, today announces 50 new winners will join the 2021 ‘Enterprise for Peace’ programme, in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Launched in 2018, the programme was developed to recognise the young entrepreneurs tackling major economic and social challenges that support peace in their communities.

The winners are selected because they have empowered young leaders to create sustainable job opportunities, leveraged the potential of young people for job creation, demonstrated innovation in building prosperous and peaceful societies, and raised awareness of youth employment opportunities.

The 2021 Enterprise for Peace cohort includes:

  • Nhial Deng, Kenya Born in Ethiopia, Nhial spent his early years there before fleeing to Kakuma Refugee Camp in 2010. He is now leading the Refugee Youth Peace Ambassadors, which works towards enhancing peaceful coexistence between different communities in Kakuma.
  • Nasera Victoria, South Sudan Nasera empowers women through soccer to foster peace and reconciliation amongst fragile communities. The “Nasvick Initiative,” has mobilised and supported over 200 women, assisting them in the fight against child marriages, sexual and gender-based trauma, and girls’ marginalization.
  • Peter Ogik, Uganda – Born with Albinism and ostracized as a child, Peter has dedicated his life to support those with the same condition by providing access to quality services, full enjoyment of human rights and other development opportunities.

Young leaders on this programme will be able to participate in the 2021 Munich One Young World Summit to discuss global challenges alongside world-leaders.

Ella Robertson, Managing Director of One Young World, said: “It is an honour to work with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Enterprise for Peace Program championing the vision and energy of young leaders the world over.”

Tijmen Rooseboom Ambassador Youth, Education and Works at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said: “I’m proud that my Ministry was able to support 50 young entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, from different countries in the Middle-East and in Africa to come to One Young World. These leaders create jobs and are peacebuilders and role models.”

SOURCE One Young World