RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In an interview with Enlace Latino NC on October 20, NC Commissioner of Agriculture candidate Jenna Wadsworth claimed she is terrified that there are bodies illegally buried on North Carolina farms because workers do not have access to medical care. “I am terrified that people will get sick or die without medical attention,” she said. “I am terrified that there are bodies buried behind the camps because people do not have access to health care.” Her remarks were made in the context of discussing protections for North Carolina farmworkers.

The North Carolina agricultural community is appalled by the unfounded and irresponsible remarks made by Jenna Wadsworth, a candidate for NC Commissioner of Agriculture.

It is a baseless and unsubstantiated claim that implies the North Carolina farmers we represent are engaged in criminal activity involving human fatalities. We are disappointed that Ms. Wadsworth — or any major party candidate for elected office — would make such flagrant and egregious statements for political gain. 

Ms. Wadsworth’s comments are an affront to the entire North Carolina agricultural community.  We call on her to apologize immediately to all farmworkers and farmers of North Carolina for her reckless accusations.


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