SAN DIEGO, Nov. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The voting history of the people who collectively make the laws we live by is the only tangible evidence of their position on any given issue.  It’s indeed the best way to know what a representative is willing to do to support or defeat a proposal in the final analysis.  Unfortunately, while a matter of public record, this information is not consolidated in a manner that is easy to use, or statistically compare, without quite a bit of research and effort.


The brainchild of Kelly Riordan, a woman, who while not particularly interested in politics itself, wanted to know exactly how each of her representatives voted on issues she cares about, in order to have a better understanding of who she really desired to have representing her interests.  She also wanted that information to be readily and easily available to everyone else in our country (and around the world) as well.

We Will Decide is a website designed specifically for providing you with an easy and convenient way to access the voting records of representatives, review and vote on bills yourself, and compare the results so you can be better informed and, in turn, vote for the people who best represent you, your needs and opinions. allows users to cast simulated votes on both current and past proposed bills and house resolutions, and compare them to the existing voting statistics of any and all Federal representatives, as well as other users, in a variety of different ways.  Quickly find bills that matter to you by organizing them by topic, read a brief description, click links to the full text of the entire resolution if you want to, and cast your vote yea or nay.  Then compare it to how your reps, and other users voted, and see it all in a concise, customizable search engine that makes it a breeze to find out and keep track of who agrees with you and who doesn’t.  Proactively see upcoming proposed measures, share on your social media with one click, contact your representatives and let them know exactly how you feel about a future vote.

“I want to give people something real, a way they could form their own decisions and take action.  I honestly believe that more people would be politically involved if the system wasn’t so confusing and complicated.  Making decisions based on political advertising is no way to make a decision.”


We sincerely hope that everyone who would like to see our political system change for the better will sign up and put the tools at to work for them.

Together, we CAN decide how to make our collective futures brighter and make the lasting improvements this country needs to move forward!

About We Will Decide:

The company is owned solely by Kelly Riordan and was formed in 2017.  It is located in San Diego, California and is dedicated to making the voting records of your elected officials easily and conveniently available for everyone to use to make more informed decisions when casting their votes.

Please send all information requests to:  [email protected] 

Media Contact:
Kelly Riordan

[email protected] 


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