SAN GABRIEL, Calif., Nov. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Not all businesses are failing during these COVID times.

Some like online jeweler and gemstone dealer are thriving, selling thousands of bracelets and necklaces per month.

Besides offering deep discounts and educating consumers about handcrafted jewelry with natural gemstones, is also gearing its marketing to different countries and cultural backgrounds, and those with different tastes in gemstones.

“We sell all over the world and it’s very interesting how different cultures have different tastes in gemstones,” said Marketing Director Krasika Anastasiia. “White U.S. and Canadian people seem to like diamonds and colorless gemstones.”

He also notices that white people like pink opal, which symbolizes love and is a good gift for wives and girlfriends. People from France, on the other hand, like colored gemstones that are blue and pink. Latinos and Asians prefer colorful gemstones as well.

“Latino culture is similar in many ways to Asian cultures. They like wearing red jewelry and thin red string bracelets because it’s thought to bring good luck and ward off misfortune. It probably goes back to their religions and cultural backgrounds,” said Anastasiia.

If the pandemic has left you struggling for cash and worried about Christmas bills, you can still give beautiful jewelry for a fraction of the cost that you would pay at the mall.

“You can find jewelry that you would typically pay $1,000 for about $200 on our website. Traditionally, the bigger jewelry stores mark up their products 10 to 50 times. Our markup is a lot lower,” said Anastasiia.

The online retailer uses the same manufacturer with high-quality natural gemstones as other well-known brands and is the first to offer deeply discounted prices. Their average sale is $50 with many items less than $150. They can offer these prices because they’re more efficient, have lower costs, and can pass these savings onto customers.

Different types of gems and colors have different meanings. Articles on the website introduce you to these different meanings. The website also helps you choose the right gemstone at the right price. Every gemstone has a different story, which can be conveyed as a gift with different meanings.

Some stones can mean love, caring, or wealth, and all kinds of other meanings. They also have lucky gemstones. Some ancient cultures believe that different gemstones have healing powers and may give you luck.

Gemstones such as diamond, ruby, emerald and mother-of-pearl represent love. These gemstones would make a great gift for your spouse, girlfriend, child, or parent. If one of your friends is recovering from an illness, you could give them a piece of jewelry made with the healing powers of citrine.

If someone has just started a new business, you might want to give them jewelry made of citrine, malachite, peridot, or ruby gemstones to help grow their wealth.  

Birthstones also make a great gift for people born at different times of the year and there’s a full selection on the website. When you receive the product, it will have a little card in the gemstone box describing the meanings of the gemstone.

“Our founder’s family business has been selling high-end custom jewelry for several decades, so we have good relationships with the manufacturers and mines. We also don’t have traditional marketing costs. That’s why we can offer better prices so everyone can enjoy gemstones,” said Anastasiia.

They’re only online and don’t have the extra expense at being in shopping malls and do most of their marketing on social media. If you’re not sure what to give someone for Christmas, jewelry could be your best gift.

“You can wear our jewelry, casually or at important functions. Our jewelry is handcrafted just like the big brands. We work directly with major manufacturers and have low overheads to give you great prices,” said Anastasiia.

Orders start at under $50 and can be placed at

For further information or to schedule an interview, contact Krasika Anastasiia at +1 (571) 407-9378 or [email protected].

Krasika Anastasiia
Marketing Director
Boomjoo Jewelry
150 South Canal Street
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Phone: +1 (571) 407-9378
Email: [email protected]

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