ProSafeBand Bluetooth option can securely share individual players temperature and heart rate with an authorized point of contact to help manage the welfare of the players. ProSafeBand Bluetooth also helps in the fight against COVID-19 by spotting temperature, heart rate spikes, and low blood oxygen levels. The technology also has privacy-preserving contact tracing tools.

ProSafeBand enables students and players to participate more safely at their schools. This inexpensive band, used in conjunction with testing, will enable a return to school attendance and athletic programs as well as the general public.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to partner with the NFLA and its affiliates to provide an environment whereby the public can feel confident in returning to everyday activities and special events and gatherings of any size,” ProSafeBand CEO, David Ryan said.

Brian T McConnell, a Vice President of the NFLA’s Northern California Chapter said, “We have extensively evaluated the ProSafeBand product under the conditions of college athletic programs and are pleased with its performance, comfort and durability utilized in full-contact athletic sports. This unique and inexpensive product will be a game-changer in youth and scholastic sports, in particular during the challenging conditions of COVID-19.”

Beasley Reece, CEO of NFL Alumni Association said, “We are delighted to be associated with the ProSafeBand product. It will be very useful for many athletic programs and its performance, comfort and durability will enable scholastic athletes to return to sports with increased safety during the COVID-19 epidemic by providing real-time continuous temperature monitoring, heart rate, blood oxygen, and contact tracing.”

The easy sterilization capability for the band portion makes ProSafeBand ideal for a reusable device for contact tracing applications such as concerts, trade shows, movie theatres, cruise lines, air travel, hotels, casinos, and theme parks.

SOURCE ProSafeBand

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