Through this partnership, Jet It will provide funds and awareness to help support HeartGift’s mission of providing access to care for children born in developing countries with congenital heart defects and very little access to care. Since inception, HeartGift has provided life-saving heart surgery to 500 children from 35 countries with medical partners Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, Dell Children’s Medical Center and other children’s hospitals in San Antonio, New Orleans and abroad. For the children HeartGift serves, just one surgery can save their life, but it is not available where they live geographically.  By bringing children to the United States for medical care, or bringing care to the children closer to their homes, hearts are mended with just one surgery and the children have the opportunity to live a full life without limitations.  Every surgery is 100% free to the children and families served. “We are grateful to Jet It for their support of the work that we do,” said Christy Casey-Moore, HeartGift CEO. “It is only through generous contributions like this that we are able to carry out our mission of providing life-saving heart surgery to children who would not have access to this care otherwise.”

Founded in 2018, Jet It has raised more than $750,000 for various children’s charities.  “I am personally drawn to HeartGift as I myself was born with a congenital heart defect,” said Jet It Founder and CEO Glenn Gonzales. “Fortunately my defect self-corrected, but the children that HeartGift serves are not so lucky. We enjoy partnering with children’s charities as children are not choosing their circumstance, and deserve every opportunity at a full and healthy life.”

About HeartGift
HeartGift provides life-saving heart surgeries to children from around the world where specialized medical treatment is either scarce or nonexistent. With 1 in 100 babies born with a congenital heart defect (CHD) globally each year, we have the ability to impact a child’s life and provide a lifetime of freedom from this disease. In industrialized countries such as the United States, the corrective surgery is accessible and provided to those in need, regardless of financial capacity or geographic location. In developing countries, this care is simply not available. In 2000, HeartGift was founded to address this disparity and since inception, it has served 500 children from 35 countries, with chapters in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and New Orleans. For more information, visit:

About Jet It
Jet It, a North Carolina based hybrid ownership aviation company offers fractional ownership of HondaJet aircrafts in North America.  Their sister company, JetClub operates in Southeast Asia.  In 2020, founders of Jet It and JetClub, Glenn Gonzales and Vishal Hiremath were approached by Harvard Professor Gary Pisano to perform a case study of their private aviation business model based on days rather than hours.  At Jet It, owners have their own personal flight crew for $1,600 an hour with a 24/7 full concierge service.  The innovative business model allows customers to purchase portions of a $6 million HondaJet in increments ranging from one-tenth to one-half.  For more information, visit:


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