As the pandemic winds down and traffic picks up again, contributing to an increase in pollution, city dwellers search for a faster, more efficient and sustainable way of commuting. An Italian-American intra-urban company offers three solid solutions. 

Helbiz seeks to provide easy, inexpensive and eco-friendly transportation options with its scooters, bikes and mopeds, all available to book in advance via the company’s app. It’s currently the only companies offering these three types of mobile transport.

Maximizing Exposure and Mobilizing Users

Helbiz is currently the No. 1 operator, market leader and first mover in Italy and estimates that 26% of people living in Italy between ages 18-49 have installed its app. The company prides itself on having a socially responsible and educational onboarding platform with an emphasis on safety for new users. 

Helbiz’s experienced management team has worked with companies such as Tesla, Uber, Microsoft, Airbnb, FCA, Goldman Sachs, EY among others. 

The company partners with multinational brands including the European Recycling Platform, Telepass, Carrefour, Samsung, moovit and several more. Perhaps most notably, the company partners with enel to source 100% of its power from renewable energy and has a goal to be fully CO2 neutral by 2022.  

Contributing to the Green New Deal

As the Biden administration proposes a Green New Deal, Helbiz, currently present in Washington D.C., believes it is well-positioned to be a leader in the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) narrative.  

“We have an excellent track record and develop our own technology in house. This makes us flexible in all areas from data collection to customization as well as meeting any government requirements. On the operational side, we hire internally, which guarantees quality of service and continues to raise the company’s expertise,” CFO Giulio Profumo mentioned at the Benzinga Cleantech Small Caps Conference in mid April. 

Currently the company’s scooters last up to 20 months. Helbiz has released its 5th, and soon 6th generation, for some of its vehicles. All have swappable batteries, and when a vehicle goes out of commission, the company is able to recycle all parts from the batteries right down to the screws. 

Growing Revenue and Partnering with GreenVision

Not all businesses profited during 2020 and some certainly took a big hit financially, but Helbiz has experienced growth and success. 

“In 2020, we were able to secure 20 licenses. We are now in a regulated market, which has given us the time to invest in new cities in the long term, but we’ve also seen an uptake in usage within the cities we’re currently operating in. With consideration to social distancing, our vehicles are the safest options compared to other forms of public transportation. We also sanitize our vehicles and include a gel for users to self-sanitize as they wish,” Profumo commented. 

Helbiz ended 2020 with 29 licenses (12 in the U.S. & Canada), 2.5 million users and $4 million in revenue — 96% from vehicle usage and 4% from advertising. The company is working toward obtaining 279 licenses and pulling $449 million in revenue by 2025. 

Most recently, Helbiz is working on closing a deal with GreenVision Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: GRNV). Further information about this is soon to come. 

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