“If it were not for our fabulous volunteers and donors, CHF would not exist, period!” says Betsy Peterson, the organization’s founder. “I’m so grateful to each and every one of you who has ensured that much needed research for congenital heart defects gets funded.”

The 25th Anniversary campaign will showcase the role research has played, highlighting breakthrough science and the researchers who led it. There will be opportunities to pay tribute to heart warriors and angels, as well as ways to become a community champion or partner. 

As much as there is to celebrate, the CHF says that this 25th Anniversary is also a call to action. Each year, research goes unfunded due to the disproportionate lack of funding CHD receives given its prevalence.

“Now as we look forward to the next 25 years, our volunteers and donors will play an even bigger role in helping The Children’s Heart Foundation meet the demand for funding future CHD research,” Peterson stated.

CEO Gail Roddie-Hamlin stated, “Our current efforts have been great, but we cannot be satisfied. We must meet the challenges of the next 25 years through continued fundraising, advocacy, and community expansion to fund the best science and research endeavors for all those affected by CHD.”

Founder Betsy Peterson summed up the organization’s goals by stating, “As the mother of a child born with complex congenital heart defects, I know that if it had not been for research, our son Sam would not have lived more than a day. If you think about it, we all stand on the shoulders of those that have gone on before us.”

Visit The Children’s Heart Foundation’s website to learn more about the organization’s mission at www.childrensheartfoundation.org.

SOURCE The Children’s Heart Foundation

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