SANDY, Utah, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sunder Energy employees and sales representatives donated over $30,000 to help the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. In only a few weeks of fundraising within the company, Sunder Energy employees and sales reps from across the country contributed from their own funds to help with the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The company itself also donated to the cause. Working with the National Peace Corps and Friends of Afghanistan, the funds are intended to secure safe passage for individuals out of Afghanistan, as well as relocation and resettlement costs of Afghan refugees.  

Sunder Energy is a veteran owned and operated company. The Utah-based company has quickly grown to become one of the top solar sales companies in the country. Sunder currently operates in 25 states with over one thousand active sales reps.  

“While I was deployed in the early 2000’s, I saw firsthand how a chance at freedom can change an entire family tree for generations,” Chief Executive Officer and Army Veteran, Max Britton said. “We are so happy to have the chance to help give some of the Afghan refugees the power to change their future.”  

“The goal was to help alleviate the very real and heartbreaking humanitarian crisis occurring in Afghanistan and resulting in the resettlement of refugees,” Sunder Energy President, Eric Nielsen said. “I am proud of the small part we have been able to play to help those in need.”  

The fundraising initiative was motivated and spearheaded by former Afghan refugee and current District Manager at Sunder, Khalid Ibrahimi. “In 1996, the Taliban took over Afghanistan, and everything we had was looted. It was over two years of chaos. By 1999, multiple family members had been killed before we finally escaped and were offered asylum to the U.S. and a second chance at life. The humanitarian crisis that is unfolding in Afghanistan today is similar and very difficult for most Americans to comprehend,” Khalid said. “I am beyond proud and thankful for Max Britton and everyone at Sunder Energy. I am grateful to work for a veteran owned company with so many selfless and caring people. What truly makes America the greatest nation in the world is its people. I love the American people!”  

The mission of the National Peace Corp affiliate, Friends of Afghanistan, is to build and sustain an information exchange about Afghanistan and its people, and to network for their peace and prosperity. Find more about the organization and donate with the following link:

SOURCE Sunder Energy

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