BEIJING, Oct. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Songshan Forum-2021 Annual Conference of Dialogue between Chinese Civilization and World Civilization was held at the China International Cultural Exchange Center in Beijing.

More than 100 cultural scholars from home and abroad, centering on the theme of Global Dialogue and Sharing the Future, held online discussions and dialogues to carry out a two-day collision of ideas and exchanges of academic views.

The Songshan Forum 2021 Annual Meeting is sponsored by China International Cultural Exchange Center, China Cultural Heritage Society, Advanced Humanities Research Institute of Peking University. Chime Culture Co., Ltd is responsible for the international promotion of this event.

The annual meeting explored the dialogue, exchange, integration, and symbiosis mechanism of human cooperation and development, and contributed wisdom and strength to promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

At the opening ceremony, a congratulatory letter from former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama on the 10th anniversary of the Songshan Forum was read out.

Deputy Secretary and Vice Chairman of the 11th Henan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Chairman of Henan International Cultural Exchange Center, Zhang Guangzhi.Dean of Peking University Advanced Humanities Research Institute, Academician of International Philosophy Du Weiming, and Secretary General of China International Cultural Exchange Center Xu Honghai, etc. delivered speeches successively.

In the congratulatory letter, Yukio Hatoyama said that for ten years, the Songshan Forum has made contributions to the exchanges and mutual learning of civilizations through the dialogue between world civilization and Chinese civilization.

Zhang Guangzhi said in his speech that after dealing with the spread of the epidemic in the century and overcoming the devastating rain in Henan, experts and scholars at home and abroad gathered at the Songshan Forum 2021 Annual Meeting, which further demonstrated the profound significance of dialogue and exchanges of world civilizations.

In his speech, Du Weiming said that the Songshan Forum had a clear self-position from the beginning, standing in the heaven and earth, where the Chinese civilization originated, and having a dialogue with world civilizations. Therefore, “dialogue” has become our theme and has always been the goal we need to explore.

The forum also discussed topics such as: Dialogue Practice and Mechanism Construction, Human Ethical Awareness and Improvement.

The Forum’s annual meeting held an online seminar on the dialogue of world civilizations to exchange

Up to now, the “Songshan Forum” has successfully held its tenth annual meeting. It attracted more than 300 academic leaders from more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, Russia, Turkey, Israel, India, Iran, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to conduct dialogues and exchanges in Henan.

Nearly a hundred academicians of the International Academy of Philosophy from around the world came to the Songshan Forum to give speeches 41 times, collected 400 redundant academic papers, and built a good platform for the dialogue between civilizations.

The Songshan Forum embodies the cultural responsibility of the hometown of Henan of the Chinese nation, and enhances cultural self-confidence for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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