Sugar & Kush uses hemp derived CBD isolate in all of their products. Sugar & Kush receives great feedback on customer relief of stress, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, migraines, pms and chronic pain to name a few.

We were able to sit down with the founders of Sugar & Kush and asked if their new CBD Chocolate Bars have any flavors that reminded them of their childhood?

Definitely Hersey’s! Our Cookies N Cream Bar has a unique twist- everyone says it has the best flavor because of the white chocolate with crumbles intertwined .” Laura Brenner, Founder

The Sugar & Kush CBD Chocolate Bar should not be entirely consumed in one sitting. One or two squares is recommended per day and can be eaten at any time of the day. Some prefer to eat them as a midday snack, other customers report that they become tired after consuming CBD. Those individuals are recommended to start consuming Sugar & Kush CBD edibles later in the evening, before bedtime, or until they determine the right dosage!

Sugar & Kush CBD Chocolate Bars are available to order for a limited time on their website; you can use code: SWEETBAR for 40% off your order until November 29th, ongoing the code will offer 20% off your purchase.

*Sugar & Kush products should only be consumed by adults 18+ years*

SOURCE Sugar & Kush

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