“The ability to connect virtually can be a lifeline for LGBTQ2S+ people,” says Giese, “especially those who are physically or socially isolated, or who can’t be out and open in the world. But we also know that social media can often be toxic and hostile towards queer and trans people.”

In addition to features like commenting and subscribing, members of the Xtra Community have the ability to suggest ideas and chat safely with each other, allowing Xtra to hear directly from its audiences about what matters to them. The historic queer publication has created a welcoming space within its own site for communities to come together.

Xtra‘s publisher, Pink Triangle Press, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. As LGBTQ2S+ elders and ancestors throughout its history have shown us, movements for liberation, equality and justice begin with informed, connected and courageous individuals. Acting together, they have the power to change the world.

In order to make that space, the Community feature uses Viafoura, an online community engagement and management platform that uses key security and moderation capabilities to ensure there’s a positive environment for readers.

Using the platform “gives Xtra the stable foundation we need to build and nurture a strong membership community,” says Xtra product owner Andrew Robichaud. “A membership to the Xtra Community through the Viafoura platform allows our community to engage like never before.”

“We’re excited to see how Xtra leverages Viafoura’s digital experience platform to activate and grow its community,” says Jesse Moeinifar, founder and CEO of Viafoura. “From promoting civil discourse to increasing engagement and registrations to using first-party data for enhanced personalization and conversions, the possibilities of what this partnership can accomplish are almost limitless.”

The Xtra Community launched on Dec. 8, 2021. Everyone is encouraged to join—for free.

About Xtra Magazine
Xtra is a world-leading LGBTQ2S+ digital publication and community platform. Founded in 1984, Xtra is a mission-driven online magazine covering queer and trans culture, politics, sex, relationships and health. Xtra aims to break boundaries, think outside of binaries and build bridges within our communities and beyond.

About Pink Triangle Press
Founded in 1971, and currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, Pink Triangle Press is an independent, queer-run media company. As a mission-guided organization with no shareholders, profits earned by the business are reinvested to support its mission: daring together to set love free.

SOURCE Xtra Magazine

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