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The following post was written and/or published as a collaboration between Benzinga’s in-house sponsored content team and a financial partner of Benzinga.

The explosion of retail trading in 2020 arguably reshaped the financial markets.

According to a report by The Economist, the once-negligible influence retail trading volume had on the stock market morphed into a 41% control of total market volume in the 1st quarter of 2021. Talk about a paradigm-shattering statistic. The view of how the markets work stretched back to the 19th century, and it has always been the same: Big money makes the markets move, and everyone else follows along. 

The short-squeezes on GameStop Corp. (NASDAQ: GME), AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: AMC), Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), Uber Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: UBER), Longeveron Inc. (NASDAQ: LGVN), and others are considered by some to be physical manifestations of this changing ideology. But as the hype dies down, new traders are becoming increasingly aware of how difficult it is to sustain long-term profitability. Complicating the inherent difficulties of retail trading is the extreme division of the investment landscape between institutions and retail traders. The availability and quality of communities, education, and tools for retail investors remain fragmented and obscure, while these features are readily available for their larger counterparts.

Retail traders must overcome the inherent difficulty of achieving success in trading while also starting in a playing field where they have less of an edge. For companies that assume responsibility for helping traders overcome these challenges, the road to success is as noble and ambitious as it is difficult and strenuous.

Still, some companies like BlackBoxStocks have taken on the challenge. The company provides traders with an experienced interactive community, institutional-grade tools, and a comprehensive trading curriculum. This tri-faceted approach aims to replicate the investment landscape of larger institutions, level the playing field, and potentially improve a trader’s likelihood for success.

What’s in the Box at BlackBox?

The BlackBox system uses proprietary algorithms that scan the stock and options exchanges to alert traders to the most active stocks and options. Their system then shares symbol-specific alert criteria to show why that alert was issued. These algorithms are similar to those used in high-frequency trading systems. Their automated Options Flow Scanners allow traders to track what institutions are trading and gauge the level of aggressive buying and selling in certain options contracts. Finally, the company’s charting tools and proprietary volatility indicator allow the trader to watch for breakouts on these potentially explosive plays.



Examples of alerts on the company’s webpage show that some alerted contracts have increased by up to 250%, while another chart shows a potential 147% gain on Insignia Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: ISIG). BlackBox’s system includes a wealth of technical features for options. For example, a color-coded options flow scanner, which acts as a “Time and Sales” window, provides strong visual cues for options-based price action. Other options features include an options heatmap and options news module. All of these features serve to provide comprehensive trading information for both the novice and the experienced trader.

Aside from the technical tools, BlackBox provides the retail trader with a strong social network for education and experience. Its fully integrated social media features allow traders to follow, direct message, or subscribe to other traders. BlackBox offers a unique audio-enabled broadcast feature allowing users to broadcast and share charts on their own live channels and in trading rooms. Traders can also post their daily results, receive feedback, discuss ideas with other traders and glean insights from seasoned traders in the BlackBox community.

As an educational service, BlackBox provides a full curriculum of calendared classes covering topics like “How to Trade Stocks,” “How to Trade Options” and a “Tutorial on the BlackBox System.”, as well as more advanced classes for experienced traders. BlackBox offers all of these classes for free to its members with their monthly subscription. These classes are taught by instructors curated from within the BlackBox community.

BlackBox boasts of a robust social media platform, proprietary analytics, and comprehensive educational curriculum, and believes it has created a unique one-stop destination for retail traders looking for an edge in the financial markets.


The preceding post was written and/or published as a collaboration between Benzinga’s in-house sponsored content team and a financial partner of Benzinga. Although the piece is not and should not be construed as editorial content, the sponsored content team works to ensure that any and all information contained within is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge and research. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice.

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