“Six mods were downloaded every second on mod.io in 2021. More than half were on console – a first mod experience for many players,” said CEO and Co-Founder of mod.io, Scott Reismanis. 

More than half of mod.io’s nearly 10m users are playing and accessing official mod content on consoles, drawn by a steady stream of fresh UGC, in a safe and convenient way, boosting player numbers, and in turn drawing more developers to adopt official mods in their console releases. 

“The average console player will download more than 20 pieces of official mod content monthly, and one in three players who own titles supported by mod.io are using official mod content,” added Scott.

“We saw a massive spike in player numbers after we implemented our custom creation features which utilize mod.io,” said Hanna Fogelberg, CCO of Landfall Games.

Landfall Games’ Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS), which recently claimed the top ranked Steam game of 2021, provides players and creators with the tools to make and share simulated fights of fantasy. Naturally, mods are a perfect fit. Developer Landfall Games chose to work with mod.io to enable official mods on PC and console from release. With 1.2m mods created, and 76m+ mods downloaded to date, TABS continues to grow with its community.

Since its launch in 2019, mod.io has been used by more than 90 games including Skater XL, Deep Rock Galactic, Humankind, Fireworks Mania and SnowRunner. mod.io helps studios grow their creator communities, pioneering the adoption of mods in games spanning PC, console, mobile and VR platforms. Each month, more than 17 million pieces of user-generated content are distributed using mod.io to over 3 million players. Annually, that’s hundreds of millions of pieces of content, made by fans, shared with their community, and supported by the developer whose product continually evolves.

mod.io is a pioneer in the UGC space, bridging the gap between creator communities and game developers across a vast number of platforms.

Fast facts about mod.io and UGC

  • 17 million pieces of user-generated content are distributed monthly using mod.io, to over 3 million players.
  • Since 2019, mod.io users have downloaded official mods 5,000 times more than the total number of video games released for current PC, console and VR platforms.
  • In 2021, six mods were downloaded every second on mod.io.
  • More than half of all official mod downloads were on consoles.
  • In 2021, mod.io experienced 300% YoY growth with 208 million mods downloaded.
  • mod.io was the first to launch cross-platform official mod support in SnowRunner, Skater XL, Space Engineers and TABS on Xbox and PlayStation as well as PC.
  • mod.io supports more than 90 different games, across 11 platforms and stores. 

Video Asset: 300M Downloads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7Ww_re4dVM

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