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RockItCoin Becomes First Crypto ATM Business to Launch Spanish-Language Website as...

CHICAGO, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- RockItCoin, the most trusted name in Bitcoin ATM™, today launched a Spanish-language website, recognizing the importance of access to the burgeoning cryptocurrency market by Spanish-speaking consumers in the United States. The company has become the first to do so, once again leading the industry in supporting greater inclusion and access investing in cryptocurrency for as many people as possible. RockItCoin's multi-language ATMs allow easy, walk-up access and fast conversion of cash into cryptocurrencies. The RockItCoin website also supports online transactions in the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). In addition, for anyone wanting to buy/sell over $10,000, RockItCoin offers a highly personalized OTC service. "Due to language and other constraints, many members of the Hispanic community have been largely shut out from the rising Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets," said Michael Dalesandro, Founder and CEO of RockItCoin. "RockItCoin's new Spanish-language website and multi-language CryptoATMs are the safest and easiest choice for anyone seeking to turn cash into Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. By making cryptocurrency information accessible to Spanish-speaking consumers, RockItCoin is helping families and Hispanic communities with greater access to financial opportunities and a way to grow their financial assets using cryptocurrency. Spanish-speaking consumers can now find and access a RockItCoin Crypto ATM close to where they live and work with personal customer support 7 days a week." For interest in hosting a crypto ATM, please visit us at For locations and interest in using one of RockItCoin's crypto ATMs, please visit About RockItCoin Founded in 2015 by Michael Dalesandro, RockItCoin is a crypto blockchain company based in Chicago, IL. RockItCoin's network of over 1,000 multi-language ATMs across the US provides consumers with an easy, safe, and fast way to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin. Consumers can also access and manage a wide variety of other cryptocurrencies through the company's Wallet app. In addition, RockItCoin distributes, operates, places, and sells 2-way Bitcoin kiosks to support small businesses gain additional revenue from crypto. For more information, visit:, En Español: SOURCE RockItCoin Related Links


Apple Watch: Sport Loop Bands Representing 22 Countries

Apple is launching the International Collection bands for Apple Watch, featuring limited-edition Sport Loop bands of 22 nations.According to the technology major, the New Sport Loop bands and matching watch faces feature bold, colorful designs of these nations to help athletes and fans celebrate their competitive spirit and love towards their country.The International Collection Sport Loop bands are soft, breathable, and lightweight. Each band features a matching downloadable Stripes watch face showcasing color combinations that customers can use to personalize their Apple Watch. The Stripes watch face is available on Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch SE, and later.The countries that the bands represent include Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the US.The collection is now available at and in the Apple Store app with fast, free delivery, and at select Apple Store locations globally. The International Collection Apple Watch Sport Loop bands are available in 40mm and 44mm sizes for $49.The band packaging includes App Clip functionality downloadable with the matching country's Stripes Apple Watch face.In addition, customers can download any of the 22 watch faces from and also use Face Sharing to share with other Apple Watch users.In May, Apple had launched a new Apple Watch Pride Edition band and dynamic watch face, including Braided Solo Loop and Nike Sport Loop. For comments and feedback contact: [email protected] News




NASA Releases Interactive Graphic Novel “First Woman”

WASHINGTON, Sept. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- NASA released its first digital, interactive graphic novel on Saturday in celebration of National Comic Book Day. "First Woman: NASA's Promise for Humanity" imagines the story of Callie Rodriguez, the first woman to explore the Moon. While Callie's story is fictional, the first woman and the first person of color will walk on the Moon, achieving these historic milestones as part of NASA's Artemis missions. Through this graphic novel, NASA aims to inspire the next generation of explorers – the Artemis Generation. Download, read, and interact with "First Woman" or listen to the audio version exclusively on NASA's SoundCloud. "The story of Callie captures how passion, dedication, and perseverance allow us to turn our dreams into reality," said NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy. "Callie, much like myself, grew her skills, seized learning opportunities, and overcame challenges to become a NASA astronaut. Her diversity is reflected in our own astronaut corps today – it's important we can see ourselves as the explorers among the stars." The 40-page comic book highlights NASA technologies for traveling to, landing on, and exploring the Moon. The digital format comes to life, letting readers engage and interact through augmented reality elements using the First Woman website or their mobile devices. Readers can download the First Woman application for Android or iOS to explore life-sized environments and 3D objects, including NASA's Orion spacecraft and the lunar surface. Additional content includes videos, games, challenges to earn collector badges, and ways to virtually participate in NASA missions. "We crafted this graphic novel and digital ecosystem to share NASA's work in a different and exciting way," said Derek Wang, director of communications for the Space Technology Mission Directorate at the agency's Headquarters in Washington. "We set out to make the content both engaging and accessible. From space fans of all ages to hardworking educators looking for new ways to get students excited about STEM, we hope that there is something for everyone to enjoy." NASA plans to release a Spanish version of the first issue of the comic book, "From Dream to Reality," on the website in the future. To learn more about the graphic novel and interactive experiences, visit:  SOURCE NASA Related Links

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Op-ed: Market leadership is shifting. Here’s why investors should pay attention

Westend61The market, as we know, is seductive, luring its participants skillfully until they are as hooked as the sea bass that can't resist the shimmering flies we cast at them on Buzzards Bay. Poor fish. Poor buyers of bitcoin at $61,000, Snowflake at $380, and Teladoc at $290. But just because we fall for the darlings and shun the hated doesn't mean inevitable decimation. Those bass get thrown right back (about 99% of them, anyway), and the dregs of one market can, and often should, rise again. Let's take, for example, the performance of the technology sector, which fell from grace to disgrace at the end of 2020.  As the table shows, the strongest sector last year, technology, has been the weakest this year, as the halo effect for digitally dominant global players during the pandemic wore off, and vaccines offered a road to redemption for 2020's losers. The shares of reopening groups, such as airlines, hotels, energy, financials, and industrials began to rally hard in late 2020 as those industries anticipated a post-pandemic earnings surge, exceeding the earnings' advance in technology companies. If stock prices anticipate earnings changes, the data above supports technology's underperformance over the past six months. The profit trajectory of industries knocked out by Covid, such as energy, financials, and industrials, propelled by a huge wave of pent-up demand, appears to surpass that of technology. In summary, that is the argument made by cyclical and value stock bulls over the past six to nine months.  They backed the right groups, as the price changes above depict.   Avoid making assumptionsHowever, making broad assumptions from a collective data set can lead to some misleading conclusions.  To say that baseball is boring just because pitchers take too long to deliver each ball is an oversimplification (although a definite contributor).  Similarly, the S&P technology sector is dominated by Apple and Microsoft, which account for 41% of its market weight, both of which have underperformed this year, and does not include several of the most visible and dominant digital growth companies. Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix are all members of the FAANG cohort, but only two reside under the tech heading. After some blistering growth in 2021, Apple and Microsoft should see more moderate profit increases in 2022. As the table below illustrates, most of these large-cap growth names are expected to show earnings per share growth ahead of the S&P next year, although many of them have underperformed the S&P this year.We have written about how the multiples of many large-cap growth stocks have fallen as their earnings estimates have advanced, rendering them more attractive in the past few months. The table below highlights the movement toward the Nasdaq and the growth stocks recently.If we compare the top ten performers among the thirty largest S&P 500 stocks year-to-date and over the past month, we see a sharp recent shift from value names like Chevron, Exxon, and JPMorgan toward growth/tech.  The only names appearing on both lists are Alphabet, Nvidia, Paypal and Facebook.  The market appears to be embracing large-cap tech and digital names after having steered away from them for over half a year. After handsomely rewarding cyclical and reopening stocks, investors may now be looking toward 2022 and seeking higher long-term sustainable growth rates at comparable price-earnings ratios. The fact that the 10-year Treasury rate has fallen back from its march toward 2% into the 1.5% level is also positive for growth stocks. While it would be naïve to suggest that this trend should continue for the rest of 2022, markets frequently revert to forward-looking earnings growth as they rotate among industries.Now, let's find an antidote to four-hour baseball games that can simultaneously shift momentum back toward that sector of the sports universe.     Karen Firestone is chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Aureus Asset Management, an investment firm dedicated to providing contemporary asset management to families, individuals and institutions.

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St Kitts and Nevis Furthers International Ties in New Signing of...

LONDON, Sept. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Earlier this week, the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis and the Arab Republic of Egypt signed a joint communique. The document establishes diplomatic relations in the margins of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. During the meeting, Foreign Minister Mark Brantley and his counterpart His Excellency Sameh Shoukry discussed areas of mutual interest and cooperating in easing travel between St Kitts and Nevis and Egypt. This will undoubtedly deepen the already strong ties between the Caribbean and the MENA region, improving business, trade and economic opportunities. Despite being the smallest sovereign state in the Western Hemisphere, St Kitts and Nevis' international influence exceeds its size. This is partly due to it pioneering the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme as well as the work of Minister Mark Brantley, who has cultivated strong bilateral ties whilst also establishing visa-free waivers to boost travel opportunities. This dedication has made St Kitts and Nevis one of the strongest passports to have in the region, enabling its holders to travel to nearly 160 destinations, including key business hubs. "Strengthening our regional and international ties is a high priority for the government," says Minister Mark Brantley. Over the last five years, the island nation has formalised diplomatic relations with a further 41 countries and signed 26 mutual visa waiver agreements with countries across Africa, Europe and the Americas. "Building diplomacy grants us diverse economic opportunities and a stronger vision to move forward and tackle global issues like COVID and the climate crisis," he added. Over the last few decades, St Kitts and Nevis has become a popular destination for foreign investors seeking second citizenship. In 1984, the country launched the world's first CBI Programme and today boasts the longest-standing CBI in operation, thus earning it its Platinum Standard moniker. Investors need only make a one-time non-refundable contribution to the island's Sustainable Growth Fund, introduced by Prime Minister Timothy Harris, to support national development. Those who successfully pass the multi-tiered vetting process can gain citizenship and associated benefits, from increased global mobility and alternative business prospects to safety for one's family, particularly during times of volatility. Contact: +44 (0)7867 942505[email protected] SOURCE CS Global Partners Related Links