Here are some highlights:

On China’s economy

– We have every confidence in the future of China’s economy

– China’s development gains will benefit all its people in a more substantial and equitable way

– China should never grow the economy at the cost of resource depletion and environmental degradation, nor should the country sacrifice growth to protect the environment

On global recovery

– World should follow logic of historical progress, ride tide of times

– No ‘counter-currents’ can stop trend of economic globalization

– Different countries and civilizations may prosper together on the basis of respect for each other, and seek common ground and win-win outcomes by setting aside differences

– We need to explore new drivers of economic growth to promote steady and solid progress in global economic recovery


– Countries need to strengthen international cooperation against COVID-19, carry out active cooperation on research and development of medicines

– Of particular importance is to fully leverage vaccines as a powerful weapon, ensure their equitable distribution

– China will provide another 1 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses to African countries, and donate 150 million doses to ASEAN countries

On Winter Games

– China will present streamlined, safe, and splendid Winter Games


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